The average kitchen exhaust system has approximately 15-20 feet of ductwork, which runs from the hood to the exhaust fan. Extensive ductwork like this requires an entry point, or access panel, for inspection and cleaning purposes. We have found that nearly 85% of our clients have duct work that is long enough to require a point of access.

What Is An Access Panel?

An access panel is a UL listed removable door on the duct work. Not only do you need special equipment to properly access this area of the system, but by accessing them, time & complexity are added to the job.

During a hood cleaning, it is important that your technicians are not only cleaning the hood and the fan, but also using the access panels to remove the dense buildup of grease that is found in the horizontal ductwork. Without proper cleaning of the access panels, it would be impossible to make a system fire-safe.

As a restaurateur, make sure to ask your hood cleaner two questions:

1) Do I have access panels on my system?
2) How do I know that you are cleaning them properly?

Local Example

After being called for a quote by a local restaurant, we thoroughly inspected all aspects of the system, including the access panels. As you can see in the picture below, the access panels were not being used to clean the horizontal ductwork. A build up like this is prime for fires.

Before                                                                         After

Hood Cleaning Example         Kitchen Hood Cleaning

After sending our Hoodz technicians, we restored the duct work, as you can see in the picture below. When we run into a restoration situation, like this one, we typically reserve an entire night for the first clean, in order to bring the system back up the bare metal NFPA standard.

Don’t wait another day! Call your hood cleaner today and get answers to these two very important questions!

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